Free Bread Builds Trust

Yesterday morning at work my talented Editor and Social Media expert taught me a lesson.

She ventured over to her local bakery before getting to work.  The La Madeline in her neighborhood was promising free bread for a year for the first 50 people in line at the store.  She made note, too that the first 10 in that line were millennials.  A millennial herself, I asked her why she went to get free bread.  I was beginning to get somewhat concerned.  Why does she need free bread?  Has she lost her mind?  She then said something pretty amazing.

"It's not that I need bread or the money."

"Free bread builds trust."


I thought about this all day.  I just couldn't get it out of my mind.  And then I had an A-HA moment.

Trust is about seeing the longer term and building the relationship with that in mind.

In a society and world that is struggles with loyalty, we've come to expect that broken or swift changes in relationships are the new norm.  [Tweet "In a society and world that is struggles with loyalty, we've come to expect that broken or swift changes in #relationships are the new norm. "]

But the companies, brands, people, and especially leaders who consistently extend a hand to genuinely build trust and give first, will reign king.  People will want to know you, work with or for you, buy from you and will not just LIKE you, they'll LOVE you, and even talk great things about you.

Here's a picture of Valeria with the store leadership, a picture she tweeted almost immediately. I know...that's my gal!  Way to get some free bread, Valeria.  Thanks for reminding me that trust reigns supreme in this crazy world.


A few things I learned.

1.  Millennials might just save us.  They may actually teach this world a few things about trust and connection.   People give them the bad rap but they just want to engage with people they trust and they turn online to talk about it.  I love them.  They are super interesting, see things very differently than any other generation and have so much to bring to the table.  They are loyal to a core to those they "like" and "love".  Take note.  This is the new world we live in and if you don't play, you're going to lose.   Way to go, La Madeline adapting to the changing world!  When I think of bread or great eats, I'll be stopping by.

2.  Don't underestimate the Millennial generation.  I think like mine was, they are super misunderstood.  They don't care about money.  They care about freedom and trust, and they are building it online.  They crave a new world of connection and real meaning and if you give them what they want, they'll be your best friends.  In 10 years will be 75% of the workforce, so start connecting with them now!

3.  The givers do gain.  Yes the world is an ugly place.  We've all been screwed a few times.   Not everyone you come across will be your real "friend" but people who consistently and truthfully extend a hand or in this case some bread, build trust.  They expect nothing except hope you'll think of them first.

What are you doing to give the world around you some free bread?

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