The Divided States of America

dividedStatesofAmericaMy fellow Americans:

On Thanksgiving Eve, I find myself asking why?

Democrat? Republican? Other? First and foremost, we're American.  This has nothing to do with party and everything to do with bringing peace.

For too long we have lived in a nation that's divided over race, wealth, education, healthcare and politics.

  • We agree on very little except that we have the right to agree or disagree.  Why? 
  • Our schools don't have the best students or teachers.  Why? 
  • We consume more than any other country yet we produce very little, including graduates.  Why? 
  • We've painted our highest office with color, yet we still continue to struggle with difference.  Why? 
  • We swing to the left or to the right, but have no real middle ground.  Why, I demand to know why?
  • For years we've seen our collective government (both parties) continue to fail us, yet we continue to support and accept a system that's broken.  Why?  
  • The conversations just get louder, more violent and fear penetrates our schools, streets, homes and neighborhoods.  Why?
  • We're supposed to lead the free world, yet we're becoming more and more divided among our own. Why?

We have ourselves to blame.  

The solution isn't more anger, violence, or death.  Until we own these problems and find a way to become united again, together, we will continue to be divided.  On this Thanksgiving Eve, I pray for peace and unity.  I am most thankful and still hopeful for the promises of freedom, liberty and justice for all.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? 

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