Start With Why

A year ago I wrote about making a career leap.   It was a Halloween inspired post that led me to creating today's webinar on career leaps.  How fitting a year to the date I will joining 200 other energy colleagues worldwide and an esteemed panel of leaders to talk about what it means to leap and the tricks and treats we've learned through those experiences.  I've made a lot of leaps in work and life.

Some have been successful, and others complete failures.

But what I've learned is that we never need to lose sight of the "why".

whyIn Start with Why Simon Sinek believe the premise of success is to focus on the why and steer clear of the what and the how.

All of the great and inspiring leaders and organizations think, act and communicate the same way.   Most people know what they do.  Some know the "how"  Simon argues that very few know why they do what they do.  Sure we all want to make money but that's a result, not a purpose.

Ask yourself

  • Why do you get out of bed every morning?
  • Why do you care?
  • Why are you spending 75% of your day doing what you're doing?
  • Why do you spend time with the people you have in you work and life?

We all must get our heads around the why for once very important reason.

People invest in "why" you do the work, not in "what" you do.

Because in this life (and in work), shouldn't we have real meaning in our thoughts and ultimately, our actions and responses?  Here's Simon's brilliant TED talk.  You're worth the 18 minutes.

Happy Halloween.  May you leap with meaning and never lose sigh of your "why".

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