How To Deal with a Rat

ratIt's probably a sign.

Ah yes, we've all been down this road at some point.  You're in a groove and come across something that just doesn't seem right.  Perhaps a feeling in the pit of your stomach, a flash of light, a discussion you overheard, an email, or just an interaction that rubbed you the wrong way.  You know what you have on your hands?

A rat!

And as you and I both know, a rat isn't as cute as our little friend above. A rat is someone you have to get past.

Here are three strategies to consider employing when dealing with a rat.

1. Redraw and respect boundaries.   Confine yourself to what space you need and keep the rat in his/her corner.  Use this time to take in as much data, reflect, and make a plan.   Make sure you create enough insulation around yourself by leveraging good people and relationships so you can get yourself positioned well for the next step.  Sometimes getting a buddy or a mentor to take a "whiff" helps.  Don't be afraid to ask for help.

2. Act.  Plain and simple once you have enough data it's time to take action  Don't meander!  You can confront the rat or run away.  Running is a strategy to use when its clear the rat can harm you.   However running doesn't always solve your problem.   Rats infest our cities, companies and our lives.  They steal, lie, cheat, and are deceitful. Everyone has to learn at some point.  And putting your "foot down" is how you gain respect.  So act.

3. Trust Your Intuition.  This is easy.  Go with your gut.  It's usual 95% right so the odds are good you're going to make the right choice.  Don't second guess your gut.  Go with it.  Now, I will say this.  If you think you need to isolate yourself from the rat and walk away, do that.  Sometimes rats bite, scratch and can do harm.  Don't be afraid.  It's natural but at the end of the day YOU know what is best for YOU.

There are a lot of rats out there.  You will come across them, sadly, more often than you don't.  The world is full of rot, rats, and all sorts of bad stuff.  The good news is the more exposure you have, the better equipped you are for sniffing it out well in advance and dealing with the ones that you encounter.

Any ideas on how to handle a rat?  Maybe you're dealing with one now?  I'd love to hear from you!

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