How to Be Remarkable

1.  LET IT GO.  The way to sprout is to leave yesterday behind and make a difference today and tomorrow.  Change the game and you change your world.

2.  FAIL AND LEARN.  RINSE AND REPEAT.   Be unafraid to stand for something.  Try and improve.  And then try again.  Don't give up.   When you do meaningful things, they matter, and you do.  Meaningful matter is remarkable.

3.  EMPLOY THE 90/10 PRINCIPLE.  That is to say the majority of people - 90% don't care.  They want and expect the status quo.  It's easy and it doesn't require them to think, act or believe in anything bigger than themselves.  They can't help you so don't bother.  Find the 10% - the others who like you want to, can and believe in something bigger.  This takes time.  Be patient.  When you are trying to find a needle or two in a haystack, you might be looking a while.

4.  CLAIM & RECLAIM YOUR REMARKABLE CROWN.   Make 'remarkable' a core component of who you are.  Reinvest your dividends into becoming remarkable over and over again.  Apple didn't stop at the Mac, the iPhone or iPod.  Think about what people need before they need it and keep ahead of the curve. If you don't, someone else will.

5.  WIELD YOUR SIMPLE STICK.  Simple is king.  Complex sucks.  Have you ever been WOW'ed by "Death by Powerpoint".  Keep it real and engaging.  Keep it simple, stupid!

6.  AVOID EASY.  If it comes easy, it's parochial. Meh... Boring.  And well, unremarkable.

You got this.  Go be remarkable.  I dare you!

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