One Bite At a Time

I remember that night.  I felt alone.  I was scared.

biteAnd quite frankly, it was one of those rare moments in my life when I really just wanted to quit.  You know...walk out.  Oh yes I could have packed a box that night and just never returned.  Do you know that feeling?

It's the moment you ask yourself "why" you even bothered to try.  It's that moment of doubt when you just want to throw in the towel because its easier to avoid it all than to deal with the tough stuff head on.

That day I was lucky enough to phone a leader I admire to get her advice. She's so savvy, cool, and calm.  She also has great taste in wine!   I needed her. Sometimes when we're trapped or feel like the world is coming down on us it helps to have a friend, a confidant, or in my case a former boss who could remind me of all the reasons why I was the right leader for the job.  She gave me the best piece of advice.

Just take this elephant one bite at a time.  Carve out your piece, turn off the noise, and lead.

It seems like such a simple piece of advice.  To this four-time slow but determined marathoner who has beat cancer...why was I going to let this get in my way?  Easier said that done.  When you're in the thick of things, though,  it's easy to lose sight of the shore when all you can see is tons and tons and tons of water.

But the way to the shore is simple.  You row and row and row and row until you get to where you need to go.  You take it one row at a time.

Back in June I had the opportunity to pay this forward to an amazing woman who reads my blog.  You'll meet her tomorrow when she will tell her story about embracing and owning her life.  It was 2AM once morning when I was reading through some email from my readers when I came upon Gigi.  Her note to me was intriguing.  It reminded me of that day I felt so overwhelmed, desperate and ready to quit.  We connected.  We created a real trust.

oceanLast night when I was preparing her post, I thanked her and complimented how far she's come from those moments of despair.  She honored me with these words which just tickles me pick.

Katie, During one of the most trying times of my life.. I've reached out to COUNTLESS people and organizations and YOU were the ONLY one to respond.

My advice to Gigi wasn't rocket science.  It was the moment I decided to take to make a difference in her day.  I told her what my friend told me.  One bite at a time.  

Can you think of how you make a difference in someone's day? week? month? year?  It doesn't take much so go do that!

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