Nope, You Can't Airbrush Personality

I saw this amazing piece of artwork last week that I decided you needed to see it.  Thanks to Mandy Kao, CEOGlam for sharing it.  I don't know its original roots but the message is what's important.  It rings so true.

You see, because there's a lot that people can fake in work and life.

People can take titles and boxes or perhaps personas and make them false.   I've come across a ton of facades in my lifetime.  I bet you have too.  It's a real disappointment when we meet someone and come to realize they aren't who they claim to be. They say or write a certain way and behave another way.  They lay claim to things they do not believe in or practice.  Accountability and honesty is a struggle for them.  Sometimes they pay their way into something and often times they pay their way out.  They use power, negativity and fear to try to control things.  They think small. 

In a world of Photoshop and hiding behind technology, there are a lot of people playing games.  Don't get discouraged.  Remember...

You can't airbrush personality,  style,  presence, a handshake or real passion.

People see through the airbrush and appreciate fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, and the messy... because real is so much better than anything else.

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