I Fired Facebook, Again


A few weeks ago I began to think I might take the plunge.  Which one is that you ask?

The cold-turkey quit Facebook challenge.

Just as the rest of the world is dunking themselves in cold water and donating money, I thought I'd pull back on my use, eliminate messenger and today I decided to eliminate my personal use all together.  If you're a Facebook reader, you can still get my feed, but I decided to stop checking my personal page.  I may boycott it all together but for now, this is working.

weeding Source: metalandscapedesign.com

It's not the first time it's happened, to be honest.  A few months ago I walked away for about a week.  Then not too long ago someone I least expected unfriended me. His reason? "I decided to weed out a lot and you were a part of that."  Nevermind the countless Disney World pictures and constant check-ins at bars and restaurants I tolerated in my feeds... but his statement about weeding out people made me think about what weeding I needed to do in my own yard.

Then I began the crazy task of trying to "weed" people.  I couldn't stomach it.  Call me nice.  I am a relationship nut, so I just didn't have the heart to cut the list to a few.  Until one day I decided (and Facebook helped me with this) to begin the slow process of walking away. Walking away seemed easier than just hacking through it all.  Plus who wants to spend the time making those decisions when you can just turn the light off yet keep the door open?  Why burn bridges when you don't have to?  Filters are better than extremes.

I'm thrilled about leaving Facebook.  If someone wants to find you, they'll call.  Most of the people who matter are those who do that already.  Let's face it, Facebook was cool a few years ago to keep up with people, but what's better is seeing the people who matter, spending time, and making memories.  The people who want to be with you, make the time FOR YOU!

Ok test time.  Look inside your digital social circles. How many people do you really know?    How many are just a piece of data?  How many know you?  How many care enough to call or drop you a Christmas card?  How many call when you are sick?  Do you get check in texts from those who are thinking about you?  How many call, just because?

When I got unfriended, I quickly became thankful.  He was a great reminder that social media and friendships are about choice and we choose what we want to see and share and who we want to share our work and lives with.  Plain and simple it's free will.  I chose to leave the grass as is.  The good news is it will be there if I want to go back.

My free will includes me, my family, my friends my colleagues and you, my readers.  I'm honored you are a part of my day.  Thanks for your loyalty and your trust.  I lay real money on the fact that we know each other better than I know half of the people on Facebook.

Have a great weekend and make it count with who matters most.

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