Five Years

Time flies when you are loving, living, and leading life.

I'm not sure how I managed to snag this one but we've made it this far, so I'm keeping him. Happy 5 years, Mark. You are one in a million.

10399172_119829044373_4345916_n Our wedding day - The Junior League of Houston

1919307_167203734373_3505594_n The Wedding Party

1919307_167236024373_6669312_n Flower toss. Happiest day of my life next to having my sweety Ally.

IMG_0121 The first addition to Casa Mehnert, Maddie Mehnert

IMG_0535 The second addition, Ally Rees. Day 2 before we left the hospital.

IMG_3453 Halloween 2011

IMG_5323 Beach Trip 2014


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