Throwback Thursday: Geniuses

When you think of a genius, what and who comes to mind?

I was reminded by a friend last night as I was thinking about today's post that geniuses were never ones to fit in a box.  They are those round peg in the square hole kinds of people.  They do things that push the system and redefine it.  They aren't fond of rules or boxes.  They tend to draw outside of the lines and the never keep score because they are too busy redefining the game.

There's a certain level of intellectual capability geniuses bring, but when I think of a genius I think of the total package:  witty, quick, innovative, redefining the status quo, and game changing.

Know anyone like this?

Here are few notable geniuses.

Michael Jordan










This NBA superstar was cut from his sophomore high school basketball team.  Bet that coach is thinking he sure made a mistake!

Albert Einstein

This famous physicist's doctor told his parents that at nine years old, Einstein was mentally challenged.


Walt Disney


Where would we be without the imagination of Walt Disney and the life he's created for children (old and young).  But,  Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper editor because he "lacked imagination and had no good ideas.

His first book was also rejected by 27 publishers.

Walt wanted his parks to be adding new experiences, thus always innovating and creating new things for families.

Can you imagine a world without Disney in it?  Hardly.

The next time you get kicked in the face,  labeled, or scored,  think about how a genius would respond.

10352572_753649714676580_3130712857809665718_nA genius would step up to the basket and shoot again (like Michael).

A genius would choose imagination over knowledge (like Albert).

A genius would never see the end to his/her creation and would persevere to make dreams come true (like Walt).  

What are you doing the next time you get pigeon-holed into a box when you clearly  have the capacity, achievement and relationships to do and be more?

Change, imagination, hard work, perseverance, dreams, and the ability to make it all happen starts with you.  

Become a proud member of the square peg, round hole society. I joined when I was 8  (another post, another day) and have been anxiously awaiting your arrival.

Why fit in when you (we) were born to stand out?

PS: Thanks Chris Frederic, Jennifer Emerson and Tia Allorn.

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