Finding Your Way

finding your wayYesterday I spoke about ruts and the importance of taking care of yourself.

For me taking care of myself is about good sleep, eating well and running.

I got up very early to take a run yesterday.  It’s been weeks since I’ve done anything.  When you’re in a rut a common occurrence is to lose sight of the finish line and sometimes the course all together.  However, when you want something bad enough you’ll wake up one day and realize you need to rediscover your way, redraw the course, and get back to what you love.  For me I call that “Back to the Basics”  

So what did I learn on that run?

1.  Numbers aren't the only measure.

We often allow ourselves to be defined by the result.  Sometimes we do our best and other times we miss the mark.  I believe in goals but I don’t believe in watching the clock every step of the way.  And sometimes I lose sight of that.  I let my watch dictate how I perform, instead of trusting my body or my instinct to tell me how I doing.  I stop listening to that inner self that knows I am fine.   Yesterday, I tried to set my Garmin to see how fast my mile would be and I couldn't find satellites so instead of waiting... I just took off.

2.  Sometimes you have to do that.  Just take off.

If you can’t run, jog.  If you can’t jog walk.  And if you can’t walk just crawl.  Move.  Make forward motion to regain consciousness of yourself.  And if you have to, just take the damn watch off. 

3.  We live in a world that demands we speed, when we really need to pace.  Negative split.

We rush our way to meet some ridiculous target or get ahead of ourselves when we should slow down, reserve energy so we don't burn out and quit.  And because our work and life changes so fast, the target often moves.  It's all one big sprint.  The best thing about the negative split is you define the course, you set the pace, you manage your energy and you drive home the win, whatever "winning" means.  You're in control.

As I ran I thought about one of my favorite movies that defines some of the tenets of finding your way.

Forrest Gump is one of the best movies made that demonstrates one man's brave attempt to find his destiny.

His zest for life and love for his long time friends and female companion ran deep.   He put his heart and soul into everything he did, despite being "special".  His momma told him he was just like the other kids.  He tried new experiences, took risks, and made special friends.  He sometimes made difficult decisions,    and when he lost his way, he ran.  He got up and ran.  At one part in the movie he ran so far – city to city, the country and the open desert that at one point he stopped and decided it was time to go home.  

4.  Life is like a box of a chocolate.  You never know what you're gonna get.


Forrest was right and so was his momma.  Sometimes you get what you want and other times you don't.  In the game of life you don't always get to choose which chocolate you get.  Not all of the chocolates are filled with happiness.  Some of filled with pain, sorrow, loss, or disappointment.  It's how you choose to see the entire box and make something of that, that matters.

I ate well all day yesterday, slept, and got up to run. (No chocolate for me!)  I spent 60 minutes on the trail slowly finding my way.  I crawled, walked, jogged, and sprinted.  As I took stride the whole way back home, the last quarter-mile was by far the best because I was reminded once again that I can, I will, and I am.

So can you.

What are you doing to take the watch off and find your way? 

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