Have You Ever Been Stuck in a Rut?

Of course you have.  Welcome to life, it's normal and you are too!

This week a mentor, former leader and friend of mine, Libby Cheney is speaking on Wednesday about rut-bustin.  If you're in Houston and looking for a great way to spend your lunch, register and join us. 

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Admittedly I've been in a small rut.  As I've adjusted to my new-found freedom, I also am finding myself sleeping in, eating my favorite foods and letting my kiddo get away with less structure.  The net result is I start my days later, I've gained a little weight and well, Ally's been getting away with everything.  Plain and simple, when I don't take care of myself, I find I can easily slip into ruts.

Here are my top 3 ways I bust myself out of a rut:

Exercise and eat right.

Yeah, this is an easy one, right?  It is when I've got a routine.  It's not when I don't.  This morning as we speak (and as you read), I'm off to run a mile or more to see how far I can go without passing out.  It's been a while for this marathon runner and it's hot out there!  When we eat right and exercise, our bodies are able to handle stress better and are conditioned to perform optimally.  So put that cake ball or glass of wine down, okay?  Join me in a run or a walk today.

Do something good for yourself  daily.

Do you have something you like to do?  Perhaps its a simple pleasure like your first cup of coffee or you read a daily devotional.  (Aside from eating cake balls or having a glass of wine), do something today that makes you feel good.  Last week I went to have my hair done.  It's a gal's must have.  I felt great when I left.

Surround yourself with positive influences.

Do you have a friend or colleague who knows how to lift you up?  When I'm in a rut the best thing I can do is to surround myself with other positive people.  I also read books, journal, or listen to music that lifts my spirits.  Friday night I had some close girlfriends over for a party.  We enjoyed each other's company.

What are your ideas or ways to bust a rut?  

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