The Art of Beautiful Generosity

Hug Dug
I shared a few great things yesterday.

When Seth Godin ASKS, he gets.   So I did.  And you can too.

HugDug, a social platform backed by the fabulous people at Squidoo, are looking for a few passionate, loyal, generous people to share their art.

What is art?  It's not what you would think and it goes beyond Picasso.

Perhaps your art is what you read, cook, a hobby, or that fabulous new gadget you've found?  My art is sharing, connecting and growing myself and others. And I enjoy giving and connecting generously.

It's why I'm telling you about HugDug!

So what if you could share the things you love and give back?  Now you can.  HugDug combines beauty, generosity and social in a unique and new way. Seth and his team of impresarios created a platform that gives people a chance to speak up and to connect. Because their art is about generously connecting a world that cares.   

It's simple as 1. You join.  2.  You review.  3.  You share those reviews.  4.  People review and buy something through your HugDug site.  5.  Half of the proceeds go to charity.  Charities include a The Charity of the Day, Acumen Fund, and a number of other wide known groups that need our help.  Then the hope is you will share it further.

So, pay the hug forward, and join!  

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