TGIF: 3 Steps To Start Your Weekend


What are you doing this weekend?
To get you in the spirit, will you do me a favor?  Just a small one?

If it's not the start to the weekend in your part of the world, you can still participate!  In fact if you're in Asia Pacific/Oceania, you guys can start this massive internet wave.

Okay are you ready?

Stand up from that desk, iDevice, or email from the boss...(it can wait).

Grab a co-worker or two... and hit play below.   It's okay, really.  It's Friday.

If you appreciated this reminder,  spread the love across the world and remind everyone else?  Life is way too short to not just #LetLoose!

TweetThis: 3 Simple Steps to Start Your Weekend. I did them. Can you? #FootLoose #LetLoose

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