You Don't Need the Spotlight

Visibility has nothing to do with the spotlight.


It has nothing to do with title or position.

It isn't a sophomore popularity contest complete with crowns and a swimsuit competition.

Visibility has everything to do with WHO you ARE at your core.   It's that stuff when no one is really looking, that "shines through" so bright that it's very hard not to notice it.

It's your natural light...

When you're authentic,  and focus on shinning from within, you don't need the spotlight.

A number of years ago I knew a leader who believed it was important to tell stories about his team's work.  In fact it was so important to him we tell stories that he created a whole component in someone's role around putting our names in print.

Here's the problem with that.  While it was a waste of time, putting anything in print is worthless today because any one can buy that space.  I call that chasing the light.

The real reward...the real sweet spot is giving yourself the permission to JUST BE YOU, to do great work and make stuff happen.  (Rinse and repeat.)  Your reward?  Greater trust, more work, fantastic relationships and a tribe who will want to not just know your story, but be a part of that story with you.

So stop trying to be something you're not.  Quit rubbernecking and holding yourself back.

Your lights will shine brighter (and will last much longer) than any flash camera.  That constant glow shows the work you do, the people you touch and the meaning you bring.

And friend...

That's real visibility.

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