Happy Friday From My Movie Star

fridayYesterday I wrote about my sweet kiddo going on 30 who thinks life is complicated.   She's right.  And as the week winds down, I thought it would be fitting to find something light and fun for today.  After all it is FRIDAY!

The other night while she watched TV, I caught my movie-star in the making letting her hair down a little.  Her response after I showed her the video?

That's not funny mommy! Oh but it is.

So in honor of Friday, we should all let our hair down and take a little bit of Ally's advice, and ..


Enjoy and happy Friday!  Next week I'll be at the PMI Houston Conference and Expo talking about my favorite things: leadership, change, hiring rock star people, career, and life.  Online registration is closed but they are accepting on site walk-ins.  I don't plan to write as much but may run a few of my old posts and share some good stuff I've been reading lately.

Come visit me if you have the chance!



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