Jumpstart Your Week


Happy Monday!  Here are 3 things you can do to jump start your week.

Get moving.

Since retirement and the speaking and conference circuit that started 3 weeks ago, I've been bad lately at doing my 5:00 AM bootcamp routine.  But I started running again this weekend. (Thanks, Denise!)  We're supposed to get 30 minutes a day, so take a walk, ride your bike, or take the stairs up your high-rise (in sneakers). It doesn't take much to get the heart pumping, so get moving.   Here are some great easy tips from the American Heart Association. 

Eat a healthy breakfast.

Did you know that 31 million Americans skip breakfast every day?  According to a study by NPD Group in 2011, females are more likely than males to skip a morning meal because of being busy or running late.  (You're not her, now are you?)  Be one of the few that doesn't and find something you can eat that will nourish your body.   Put down the carbs and go for protein.  I love a great protein shake in the morning or a few egg whites to boost my system with good nutrients.   And hey, studies also say that eating breakfast can help you lost weight and keep it off.  Eat, my friend.  You need your protein and who doesn't mind losing a few?!

Source: ldawe.org

Take a mindful moment (or 3).

We live in a terribly distracted world.  Multitasking is killing us and 'busyness' is a disease that keeps us from performing to our very best.  Switching between checking email, making lunch, teleconferences, and finishing that powerpoint is more mentally draining than doing one at a time.  Stop and breathe.  Plan to take 3 mindful 5 minute breaks in the day to refocus your mind.  Have a back-to-back schedule?  End your meetings early to make time so you can recharge your mind.  Be mindful, NOT mind full.

Rinse and repeat.

The key to success is to repeat this every day, this week.  Then, go for 21 days and make it a new habit.  Coupled with great sleep, imagine what amazing things you can accomplish!

What tips do you have to help us all jumpstart the week?



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