(O) The Power of One

 Do you sometimes feel lost and helpless?

on_one2Like a needle in a haystack?

A fleeting grain of sand on the beach?

A snowflake atop a large mountain?

A quiet voice who competes to be heard?

A small fish in a big scary pond?

Yes, we live in what feels to be a large, hectic, always-on, interconnected world...a world that spins, changes constantly can be unforgiving, and is sometimes completely unfair.

It's okay to feel lost and helpless, but never forget...

We are always defined by the power of one.

One note can create a song.

One tree can rebuild a forest after a massive fire.

One donation can change a life.ally_liv_friendship

One helping heart can touch a soul

One laugh can create a lifetime of friendship.

One idea can fuel a movement.

One vote can change an outcome.

One choice can carve a different path.

One light can provide clarity.

One way to see it differently sometimes is the better answer.

The power of one is the power to do something.  

What one thing are you doing today to live in the power of one?

This post is a part of the Alphabet/ABC Series.

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