Why I Love Introverts


images-30Yesterday I wrote about integrity but I struggled a little bit because I really wanted to also write about introverts.

So my second "I" is for you folks out there who like to reflect more, perhaps socialize less, and are curious and sometimes overwhelmed by extroverts like me!

I love introverts!

I married one.  He's the exact opposite of me. He's the other side of me and without his perspective, I'd be further behind in my personal journey.   And it bugs him when I talk about him so I won't say much more except to say he's taught me so much about the need for reflection, introspection and down time.

I know you may be thinking "you take down-time?"  I do.  Actually I love a good afternoon when I can curl up on the couch, listen to the rain and read a good book.  I love time away from my child, my husband and the hustle and bustle of the world.  I love the time to think, reflect and process all that goes on in my mind.  It's actually why I run...to think...to reflect...to make sense of all the data and energy I pull in.

And ... if I married my exact type it might make for a quick divorce. I don't know if I could stand living with another me.  Don't get me wrong...I love who I am but two of me would be too much to handle.  I love that I chose the exact opposite of me.

As a certified assessor of the Myers Briggs Type Instrument (MBTI), I am an ENTP and that E is for extreme extraversion. I've had to learn with time and practice and loads of patience how to wield my "E".  I actually set out to get my certification in MBTI so I could learn more about my own type and types that are different to me.

The more and more I learn, the more I want to know about introverts.  I enjoy understanding how they think and how the respond to the world.  It's been documented unfairly over and over that extroverts have a better chance at being successful in life.  I think introverts are just as successful and there's a benefit to having both types learn from each other.

So what am I doing to learn more beyond learning the theory behind introverted types?

I am surrounding myself with introverts.

I often wonder what introverts think about extroverts and then I found this awesome saying: "Please forgive me if I don't talk much at times.  It's loud enough in my head."  I used to believe introversion was about how much a person speaks.  It isn't.

My best friend says she's an introvert.  I wouldn't have pegged her to be when we first met because she's got a lot of energy to share outward but I please-forgive-meknow now how much effort it is for her to turn it on.  As an introvert, she's done very well in her career and life.  She is a visible leader who has come out of her shell to realize her potential and wield her style.  After all good leaders do just that.  They get out of their comfort zone and push themselves to new levels.

I am going to have lunch with a new friend who says she's an introvert. She courageously reached out several weeks ago to ask for a lunch and to provide me feedback about the blog.    It takes a lot to put yourself out there when it's not your nature to do so, so I'm honored I get this opportunity to connect with her and learn more about her, her style and how people like us can operate in a world of opportunity, together.

So do you know your type?

Are you an E or I?

How are you using it?

What are you doing to learn about people different from you?  Did you marry your opposite or is your closest friend different from you?  How has that helped you progress?

If not, let's connect offline to help you discover it.

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