Back in the Saddle ...


I never write on the weekends - it's my usually time to break but ...

I have some exciting news!

Along with writing the book, I will begin speaking again.  After a 2 year hiatus it's nice to be "back in the saddle".  So, I will be out and about speaking on a few of my favorite topics and engaging with some great organizations.  I have some new content in the mix, as well.  Check out the speaking page and come on out to see me if you have the chance.  It's always nice to see familiar faces.

The other news is ...

pace_logoI'm redesigning the blog to be more user-friendly with the goal to launch in the next 45 days.   Here's a little preview.

This means it will be easier to find posts, more visible remarkable writers and their posts, and a way to manage your email subscription if you are someone who reads via email.  In the past I've been less "out there" and more about building traffic via friends, word of mouth, and some social media.  It's now my desire to connect with more of my network by letting people know what I'm up to and find a whole host of "strangers" and expand my friendships and followers beyond my own network.

I don't like asking for help ... so I'm going to challenge myself and do it.

Can you help me?  If you like what you hear and read...

  • Come see me speak.
  • Refer me to speak with your group.
  • Share the blog on social media with others.
  • Keep introducing me to remarkable (men and women) who can come share their stories.
  • If you haven't already, LIKE the Facebook page.

Thanks for everything and for hanging in for this great run.

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