You Are Worth It

On Monday I got to read and hear these four magical words.   I've been dying to share them with you.  Are you ready?  They are ...

stay-strong-because-you-re-worth-it -

You are worth it.

Here's the problem, though.  You question it.  You re-evaluate it.  You stress over it. You think at times, you aren't worth it. But that's okay.  You're human.

The other problem is you listen too much to what other people think.  Your boss, co-workers, the media, some silly celebrity, Facebook, a significant other, or that friend you need to break up with.

Plain and simple...when someone doesn't value you.  That's a direct reflection on their inability to see their own value and worth.

Seriously why do we try to dance with these people?  

Why do we expect them to see things the way we see them when they are truly incapable?  Why? Why? Why?  It's human, but it's also insane.  It's a waste of something we have so precious in our lives...the gift of time.

Need more convincing?
  • What coach doesn't play his top stars?  (A bad one.)


  • What artist doesn't use the best paint for the job? (A cheap one.)
  • What significant other doesn't let you be or do the things you love the most? (A controlling one.)
  • What co-worker gets jealous because you got promoted first? (An insecure one.)
  • What friend doesn't call or make time to celebrate you or help when you need a hand? (A flaky one.)

When you are in a relationship at work, home or with friends and you don't feel appreciated, mutually respected or loved, it's time to rethink who you surround yourself with.  YOU HAVE A CHOICE!  There's a lot we cannot control today but we do have choices when it comes to the people we want in our lives.  Choose carefully.

self-esteem-and-self-loveRepeat after me.  I love me. I am worth it.

Don't ever forget believing in it or in YOU.

Now, go tell someone else. (Thanks Peggy for the reminder.)  The world needs more of YOU and THEM (us) in it.

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