Motivation and Inspiration


I didn't sleep well Friday or Saturday night spending most of those nights up, pacing.  Yesterday morning I was nervous about my competition.

logo_1367481425Admittedly, I've been running a little low on inspiration.

There's a big difference between motivation and inspiration.   Motivation is external, inspiration is internal. I was motivated to do the competition else I wouldn't have said yes.  When I'm motivated, I've pumped myself up!  But inspiration is far more powerful.  When I'm inspired, my spirit is called to do something and it can't wait to go do it.  It's the greatest sense of self and purpose.

My daughter came into the room and motioned for me to pick her up.  I held her in my arms and we sat in front of the french doors overlooking the back deck where it was raining.  It was a beautiful sound.   We talked about how I was getting ready to leave for my competition and run.

And then she laid her head next to mine and said in the sweetest voice,

"Mommy. You're a winner. I love you." 1507755_10152316090194374_2008021088_n

I said, "Stay 3 forever please."

She said, "Sorry. I have to turn 4."

I wasn't sure what to do: laugh, cry or both.

And with that, I snapped out of my funk. My 3-year-old daughter was right.  I am a winner.  I just need to go finish what I started.  And I did.  It was so awesome to see her and Daddy at the finish.  God blessed me in that moment to hear those words and see her angelic face.

In this marathon of life, inspiration is far better than motivation.

This week we are going to hear from two other people who've inspired me: Christyna Beaty, a runner who just finished a 50 mile race earlier this month and Ruth Ann Johnson, an entrepreneur mom who turns 40 later this week reflecting on the best years of her life.

How do you get motivated?  Who inspires you?  How are you inspiring others?  

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