Don't Regret. Just Grow.


Tough times happen to everyone.  If you haven't fallen on a little bit of drama, you're lucky or must be living in a cave.

It's very human to suffer loss, failure, illness, and infidelity.  I'm going to say it:  it's normal!

Right now, somewhere, someone is going through these.  It may be you.  It may be a friend or loved one.  Divorce, job loss, a failing heart, addiction. These are all very real experiences.  And yes, again, these are NORMAL.

When I look back on some of these experiences in my own life, I have found them to be the biggest opportunities for growth.

They are what make up my secret sauce.


I've taken on opportunities that haven't turned out.  I've had failed relationships with men (it did take me 33 years to marry and I almost didn't do it).  I've also seen girlfriends come and go.  There was a time in my life when I got rid of a lot of toxic people.  It was a challenge because I felt like I didn't have any one.  But when I look back,  I would not have the strong healthy relationships I have today (nor the boundaries) established for a more productive and sustainable and happy life.

So I've had a small blip.  Yesterday I found out my biopsy came back with abnormalities that need to be addressed.  I go in at the end of this month to have a procedure to remove it once and for all.   While all this is going on, we've been restructuring at work for almost 9 months.

Hmm.  If we want to be precise, I've lived the past 2 years of my work life in constant chaos, ambiguity and at times, a dense thick fog that doesn't seem to lift.  Oh wait, no actually life has been on a cray-cray trajectory roller coaster for a few years.  Wedding, pregnancy, kiddo, crazy travel job, post-pardom depression, crazier job, and now some abnormalities.  The point to my story's life.  It happens.  You have choices though.

Let it define you, let it destroy you... or let it strengthen you!

And while to some it might seem my world is falling apart...

I'm really more encouraged and stronger than I've ever been.

I've fought and beat cancer and got fit and fabulous after battling years of obesity and self-esteem issues...

Oh this too shall pass.

I've fought hard to become who I am and you better believe I'm going to keep that going.


I have NO regrets.  I am honored and blessed to have these experiences.

When you think life deals you a bad hand....feed the eagle...and

Don't regret it.  Just grow.  

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