How the Seasons Shaped My Life


Guest blogger: Yolanda Bynum

Have you ever heard or experienced anything that changed your life forever?


I’d like to share examples of Fall, Winter and Spring moments of ‘change’ that I’ve experienced in my life.  As I reflect on those seasons, I now see the purpose for those changes and the growth that emerged as I transitioned from one season to another.

My Fall season: 2004.  My doctor shared the latest results of the test all women love to hate.  ‘Not good’ she said.  Three procedures, twosurgeries, doctor’s visits every few months, and the prognosis that I could not have any more children.   My leaves were completely gone from my tree and my world had no color.  But I was alive.  Those strong roots grounded in the Almighty sustained me.  I was stronger than I realized.  I had my husband and two beautiful kids.  I’d be ok.

My Winter season: 2006.  When I got married in 1995, I did so with the intent of having and holding, through sickness and health, for richer or poorer, for better or worse, til death did we part.  We were childhood sweethearts and best friends for 10 years before we got married.  We supported each other through a lot.  He was my best friend.  That’s why in our 9th year of marriage, I thought I could handle it when he became physically, emotionally and verbally abusive.  I thought I could love him through that season in his life when he felt insecure.  When our kids witnessed a bad episode, I told him things had to change.  They did.  He walked away from the marriage leaving me and the children.  I didn’t see it coming since we’d shared so much.  It was a cold, lonely feeling.  However, it was also a period of hibernation and reliance on the sowing I’d done in previous seasons to carry me through.


My Spring season: 2007.  I heard three words that changed my life:  “Congratulations!  You’re pregnant!”  These words are usually welcome.  But I was almost 40, going through a divorce!  I had a 10 and 12 year old – suffice to say I thought I was DONE.  I was told I couldn’t have children!  I asked God if He had the wrong address or at least the craziest timing or sense of humor.  But this beautiful little parting gift from my divorce would make me a mom again and that was a miracle in itself.   The growth that occurred (physically, as well as emotionally and mentally) was cleansing, It was healing,  It was as if God was taking me back to what I was created for, to bring forth life after I was told life wasn’t possible. That miracle baby was born on the birthdays of all birthdays…Christmas Day.  What a gift he was to me.  He was a testament that life indeed would continue.

I went through profound changes and challenges during my seasons.   It rewrote the story of my life, but this was no surprise to God.  He’d chosen me because He knew I had what it took to endure it all, and what I didn’t have, He gave me as needed for each season!  These weren’t chapters in the story of my life that I would’ve written myself by no means, but it was there for a purpose.   Purpose is a powerful thing.  It’s what we were created for, designed for, predestined for.  Purpose shapes us into our true nature.  If we see every situation in our lives as part of our purpose, it redefines how we see ourselves and those situations.

Just as the windmill shows its greatest strength amidst the wind, we show our greatest strength during these seasons.

Embrace your seasons, find the purpose in them and accept the change and growth that emerges.

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