Life is Too Short.


In the past few weeks I've been inspired by shoes and jellybeans.  It really doesn't take much to make me smile, but I have to say these two things got me thinking:  Life is too short.


I recently joined a dozen of my girlfriends out at Elaine Turner's boutique in Rice Village for a holiday event.   I found a pair of boots I just fell in love with minus the price tag.  It took me 90 minutes to make the decision to purchase.  Why?  Because we over think things.  We hold back and don't indulge.  We worry.  We stress.  We completely agonize.

Am I suggesting you buy everything you want on a whim?  NO, but life is truly too short to not buy the shoes. (Thanks Joy Austin-Ramsaran for the reminder as she snapped this picture at a local store.) It's a priceless reminder of why we should just make things happen.I've worn the boots every day since. They look I'm happy with my purchase.

But it doesn't have to be shoes.  It can be that cup of latte, a bubble bath, a glass of wine, an ornament exchange with some friends, or something as simple as a nap!  You fill in the blanks.

The point is life is too short to over think the doing the things that make us happy.

Okay, so what about the jellybeans?  A few weeks back a friend of mine, Trey Broussard shared a link to a profound YouTube video. "Your Life in Jellybeans" is a stark reminder of how little time we have to celebrate all life has to offer and how precious it is we spend it doing the things that make us happy.  One jelly bean equals one day, 28,835 beans total.

Grab a tissue, this one had me.

Click here or view below.

[youtube id="BOksW_NabEk" width="600" height="350"]

What makes you happy?  What things are you doing to live your life?  Go on ahead.  Get those shoes, take that bubble bath, or whatever "it is"...  We are only given a certain amount of jellybeans. Your job is to make them all count.  

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