Lean In? Keep Calm and Stand Tall.


keep-calm-and-stand-tall-20Sheryl Sandberg did a lot for women when she wrote Lean In.  I applaud her for getting the conversation going on a global level.  She got us to think and to express things women need to do differently to succeed in a man's world.  

My friend, mentor, mom and corporate executive, Laura, says she's leaning back and that's she's A-OK with where she is.  After all she is a Vice President, has 2 very talented boys and a husband with his own successful career. Who needs more than that?  Way to go Laura!

I saw this the other day and it made me pause.  Keep calm and stand tall. I agree!  We have to stand proud and be confident with who we are and just go with it.  Lead! 

I'm tired of the books that define the problem and the stats we get from Catalyst about how women aren't making it to the C-suite.    I'm also tired of women writing books about "how to lead".  I make the argument we already know how.  We need to stop whining and begin winning! 

We need to stop letting things hold us back.  

Why talk about it when we can make a difference, today, right now?  Let's look at the amazing things that women ARE doing and what companies are doing to support women.  

Have you seen Pantene's latest campaign?  It's called "Stand Strong and Shine"  Brilliant, Pantene.  Simply.

View the video here or below.

[youtube id="kOjNcZvwjxI" width="600" height="350"]

And if you haven't noticed in the past 24 months, Dove has taken a real approach to spotlighting the importance of building confidence in women with their "Real Beauty Sketches."

View the video here or below.

[youtube id="XpaOjMXyJGk" width="600" height="350"]

All it takes a willingness to listen to that inner voice and go.  Ladies, let's stop over thinking it!

What things are the amazing women in your life doing?  Are you leaning?  How are you standing tall?  As a man are you supporting the leading ladies (spouses, friends, children, etc) in your work and life?

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