3 Years Ago ...

3 years ago today, at 10:04am, you arrived.  I delivered you at 7lb 14 oz.

While I carried you for a very tough 9 months,  I pushed for what was the easiest 15 minutes of my life.

When you came into this world, both Daddy and I cried.  You were our miracle.  Our "Little Bit".


After your first day in the hospital bassinet, you had very specific views about living in the outside world.

Your spunk is what puts sparkle into our world.  


And then it continued ...3 years of Miss Ally and your amazing glow and personality.


You are curious.....


You are mischievous...(you get into mommy's purse a lot)


And oh, so very beautiful ... (I'm going to have a hard time with the boys later in life)


You are sweet to everyone.  Even strangers and children (video).

Your teacher tells me you are friends with everyone, and you always stand up for what's right.


Everyone say I should hold on tight.  They are right.

You are growing so fast, making friends, and becoming what God has created you to be: your own little person.


You are SMARTER than a whip, Ally.  Before you turned 2, you were saying your numbers in English and Spanish! (video)  This year you grew so much.  You became potty trained, you began speaking full sentences, you began writing your letters, you went to your first movie (Monsters University), fell in love with Thomas the Train, and moved out of your crib (video).

And you ran your first race and crossed the finish!


You and your Daddy are so sweet together.

You're my two most favorite people.  You're my family.  You're everything to me.


Happy 3rd birthday, Ally Rees Mehnert.

I am who I've become because of you.

Thank you for making my life so complete and blessed.

Love forever, Mommy


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