Finding Purpose



We all want to be good at something, right? 

For me, I strive for the doesn’t matter what it is, the TOP is the goal.

Not too long ago … when someone challenged this, I was a bit dumbfounded.  

Why is your ultimate goal the top?   My answer was simple.  It’s the top, so it’s the best.  I want to be the best, so I aim for the top.  Sounded logical to me.

Would the top make you happy?   I quickly said ‘yes’.  Well, what if you didn’t reach the top?

I had to take a moment to think about my answer.  It had truly never dawned on me that I might not achieve the top of whatever it was I was chasing.  I then asked myself “what if”.....and “so, then what?”  That moment changed my life.  I was so busy chasing the top, I wasn’t paying much attention to what really motivated me to want to be at the top.

What motivates me?  Leading, guiding, building knowledge and helping others achieve their unknown capability.  The minute I thought it, I knew I would always be able to achieve my purpose.  This truth drives me to jump out of bed each day ready to take on the challenge to be the best.  And while I do still strive for the top, I have a good understanding of what’s driving me to achieve and knowing that bit of information, I know I won’t be disappointed when I look back on my life and take stock of all I have accomplished.

So, what is your purpose?  What motivates you, first?  And second, what does your ‘top' look like?  

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