"You're Fired"


Youre_fired"You're Fired"  I was paralyzed.  Me, fired?  You must be kidding right?  

I was early 20-something and working for a small growing private firm.  Pretty early on  I knew the company wasn't for me.  In the spirit of sticking with it, though, I hung on for one very long year.  I remember the day vividly.  I shook hands and thanked the department leader.  Then,  I went to the car, cried,  and called my Dad with the embarrassing news.  Dad has a unique way of seeing things.  

"Well, so you've been laid off, and now fired.  This qualifies you to put "seasoned professional" on your resume," he chuckled.

He was right.  So I did.

youre-fired-21-e1348602102684 copyThat day changed my life and taught me some huge lessons. 

Hearing "You're Fired" was a career defining opportunity for me.   Although, I must say it would have been far more entertaining had the successful real estate titan, Donald Trump say it.

Have you ever been fired or laid off?  How did it change your career?  Have you ever worked in the wrong work environment?  How did you cope?  Don't be shy. Everyone's got a story... 

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