Time and Attention



Most of us don't have enough of it. Many of us would pay top dollar for more of it. And very few have too much of it.

Few would say they have too much and most of us would pay to get more ... time and attention that is!

Time nor our attention is infinite. We are constantly adjusting and shuffling to find the right balance. And once we find the right balance, life throws a curve ball and we're again adjusting and shuffling.

In the midst of all the adjusting and shuffling do we ever get anything done? I'm not talking about completing the day-to-day routine, but the true desires, goals, and dreams. The extent of our desires, goals, and dreams is directly related to the amount of time and attention we devote to them.

I make lists, plans, vision boards to put my desires in action. Months later when I've only accomplished a fraction of my plan, I'm upset and frustrated. While taking notes in church recently, it hit me.

Did I really think about the time and attention required to be successful?

See, it's less about time management and more about the discipline and commitment to devote time and attention. We often give up, defer, and delay because we are not willing to go through the process with the right amount of time and attention.

It's not that our desires, goals and dreams are unattainable or that our plans are unrealistic. Perhaps it's we didn't truly evaluate what it takes to achieve them.

Desire, dream and set goals. Evaluate the time and attention needed to obtain those goals.

Now ask yourself: "Do I still want it?"

Guest blogger, Lakesia Campbell is an independent management consultant providing project and change management services.  She is not afraid to push boundaries and challenge the status quo. Speaking of pushing boundaries, she’s an avid skier and powder chaser!  She’s married to Chad for 11 years and currently lives in Houston.

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