Street Smarts: Putting Your Best (Heel) Foot Forward



I'm really getting excited.   It's been a while but next week I will write a series.   Throughout the course of my career,  I am often asked about the tactics I use to progress.  I've reflected a lot this because I've failed a ton!  So these are things I know and use often, but I've never written them down.

For me, "Street Smart Shoes" trump "Books and Looks". I wrote a popular post a few weeks back called "Now Hiring Relevant Hustlers" where I argued for what I look at when hiring people.  So what does it take to be a relevant hustler?  Next week we will explore five areas.  Warning, this is not stuff you will find on your corporate intranet, or in the latest hot leadership book.  These are real skills you can master to become whatever you want to be!

  • On Monday we'll tackle information and talk about how to leverage it in the "connected age".   Information management is a skill you need to master. Smart phones are overrated! Find out why your best friends in the office should be:  the  calendar, nearby printers and your administrative assistants.
  •  On Tuesday, we'll talk about strategic connecting and presence.  The right opportunities are about being in the room at the right time, but it takes connecting with the right people and developing your very own board of directors.   
  • We will continue Remarkable Women Wednesdays where we'll explore "Being Uncomfortable with Comfortable". Sometimes you've got to move your own cheese...
  • Halloween is next Thursday in the USA, so it wouldn't be fun without some Trick or Treating.
  • And we'll wrap up Finish Line Friday with "Why 3rd Place is better than 1st".  It sounds crazy, right?  Take the Bronze medal?  I can't wait to tell you why 3rd place sometimes gets you further than 1st!

I've always said... give a gal the right shoes and she'll conquer the world.  

Get ready...get excited... next week we'll explore street smarts and how to put your best heel (or foot) forward.  Shoe shopping anyone?!

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