PACE: Celebrating How Awesome You Are!


1236553_10151874472314655_1010210294_nPACE:  Prepare Achieve Celebrate Evolve.

 The best part of any race in life (career, relationships, kids, etc) is the glory of a finish line.  After all of the training, the sweat, and yes sometimes, blood and tears, there's nothing finer than to say "I did it".  In the marathon, It's really hard to put into words how it truly feels but it's one of the reasons I keep going.  

Celebration is important to any major milestone.  Life is too short to NOT be celebrated.  

  • In the Olympics, athletes from over 200 countries celebrate their athletic accomplishments by coming together ever four years to showcase their awesomeness.
  • When you were born, we celebrated your awesomeness and entrance into this thing called life.  And each year, we reaffirm and celebrate lives in the form of birthdays.
  • When we marry, we hold weddings and celebrate the special bond that is created between man and wife.
  • And when life comes to an end, we celebrate individuals through a funeral where its customary in Western tradition to eulogize a person's achievements in their lives.

Quite simply, anyone can be cool, but awesome takes practice.  Don't forget to celebrate that!

How do you celebrate your awesomeness?

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