PACE: What it Means


What does it mean to pace?

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Sometimes we find ourselves running in place, struggling to get ahead simply because we confuse activity with progress.  Pace is about the distance and pause we put into our lives.  Sometimes it's easier than others, but in this go-go world, PACE is must have.  It's the best tool we have to help us succeed.    For me, PACE stands for Prepare, Achieve, Celebrate, Evolve.   It's a simple model I use for thinking and taking action.

It wasn't until I began running that I took on the notion that life is just one big marathon.  We live in a world that has increasingly become more short term.  What we have to remember though is the importance of balancing the short term with "going long".  Going long is not easy.  In fact it's very difficult.  It means we have to stay focused and disciplined in a world that wants answers overnight and quick fixes.  It means we have to practice patience.

The five things pace allows:

      • To dream, and to dream big.
      • Define a vision.
      • Develop a thoughtful plan with measurable actions
      • Achieve and celebrate that achievement.
      • Learn and make changes.

What does PACE mean to you?   How do you PACE your life?

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