The Speed of Life ...

Sometimes when I run, I forget how much time I passes.  When you're in the groove, the miles (and milestones) can really fly by.   Today I had one of those moments.  I thought., "Wow.  It's almost September.  Where did the year go?"  

Do you ever feel like when life is great it just speeds by, but when you have bumps in the road, you are eager for it to move along?  Like the marathon, some miles are great and some seem like they could go on for an eternity.

My daughter, Ally, turns 3 in December. Today I attended "Meet Your New Teacher Day" at  her school.  Today's transition is different.  My kid is going to preschool on Monday.  

Let me say that again.  My kid is going to pre-school on Monday. 

On the way home, I was singing some Florence & The Machine / Shake it Out and Ally pulls another big-kid manuever.  She starts singing at the top of her lungs.  I turn my head and she smiles.  "Mommy turn it up louder.  I like this song", she says.  Turn it up louder?  So, I turn it up.  She then says "No mommy you can't sing it.  Ally can sing it."  Oh, I can't sing it, huh?

Then reality sits in.  She's not a baby anymore.  The speed of life has been mighty fast and somewhere in the past 3 years my sweet angel has grown into a walking talking  child with a growing sense of independence, confidence and sheer beauty.   

Several months ago I had an oil portrait commissioned to celebrate my 4th anniversary with Mark.  It arrived a few weeks ago, and it's just outside her room in the hallway.  Her beaming smile and bare feet are a such a great way to preserve this baby-to-toddler-to-child essence.  

And like this moment in time, there will be more miles and milestones to come...more independence, more growth, age, wisdom, choices, good and sad times.  

It's the route we map out in this marathon called life. 

It's pace?  FAST!


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