Reality ... Bites...

John Lennon said .. "Reality leaves a lot to the imagination."    I popped over to this evening to get my daily dose of reality.  A few snips...

Reality bites, eh?  We're at war, it's costs a ton of money to do anything including raise kids (which is why we all work) and the pop culture cool way to go is suicide. Depressing!?

Here's something to consider...and not from the person you'd think would be an expert on the matter.  Ashton Kutcher, whose real name is Chris, has a few things to say about what's real in life.  This week he delivered a speech at the Teen Choice Awards that went viral.  Chris' message was simple:  

  • Life is about hard work.
  • Be thoughtful, generous and smart.
  • Build a life, don't just live one.

The next time I want a dose of reality, I think I'll take Ashton over CNN.

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