People hold the belief that speed equals progress. 'Surely if I'm faster I am indeed better'. Speed is just one measure. Quality miles and form matter - focus is everything.  And the race we choose has a lot to do with how much growth we can gain.

I took a job a year ago to work for a company no one wanted to touch to take a challenge yet meaningful leadership role.. What drew me to run this race was the desire of an alluringfinish line: the ability to make a remarkable difference in peoples lives and my industry. Much more than a bucket list item (like running a marathon) this race has been a test of who I am as a person and has defined me as a leader.

It was a bold race to even think about trying to run and one I get up every day and run. Playing it safe was a guarantee I'd stay in the same place. I've done more in a year than I've done in 10. It's been awesome.

The biggest step is to make the leap.

What are you waiting for? Growth awaits you.


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