I am no economist.  But, I do recognize some serious need to simplify this insanity going on at the moment.  If we apply serious fundamentals we might get somewhere with this financial crisis.  We put ourselves in this mess and we sure better find a way out.   At the moment there seems to be this cat mouse game of who caused it and who's going to bail us out.  We make the beds we lie in, folks.   It's not impossible to think Greece's exit from the Eurozone, collapses from the likes of the banks and energy companies, and political stupidity like the stuff going on in DC could drive our world into a depression.  Do people understand the psychology of fear, panic and absolute downright mutiny?

The Fundamentals: (ABCs)

Accountability- Could we own this issue, understand quickly why it might have happened and determine what the future should look like?  

Be Bold - Once we own it, could we do something?

Control- Once it's in hand, could we then find a way to carefully balance and control this from happening again...perhaps through cooperation and collaboration.

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