No Fear ...

I've been thinking tremendously about my future...and while really I am always thinking ahead ... I strive to  live, love and have FUN in the moment.  One of the things I value in myself the most is my ability to connect and converge ideas, people, and information quickly so I can cross my next finish line.  This is how I've always lived my life -- looking forward....

However I've learned through my own set of experiences, the past gives us great nuggets, clues and yes, even answers to our fear.

As a child I was impatient, inquisitive and hungry to learn...and boy did I dream big and work hard.

Short Story 1:  Becoming the First Female President of the USA
In the 1980s, Ronald Reagan was my hero.  Afterall, he was the President of the USA and the fearless leader of the free world.  The 80s were interesting times growing up - recessions, scandals, layoffs and oil bust.  My perception of politics and history were formed at 5 - I remembered watching my television and admiring "Ronnie".  I loved my country so much I remember wanting to be and aspiring to become the first female President.  And to prove how serious I was,  I sent a dollar bill with my picture on the front side (poor George Washington) to the White House with a handwritten letter to Mr. Reagan himself, asking for his sponsorship.

Story #2:  The Creative Card Shop
At 8, I broke my leg skating.  The kid I was, I rushed to put my skates on often not lacing them up.  Well, that caught up to me and I fractured my right leg pretty badly.  I dont remember how long it took to heal but when you're a kid, days and weeks can seem like years.  Because my mom and dad taught me the value of hard work, and because I couldn't sit still...I enlisted the neighborhood kids to come to my house to paint cards.  I remember we made all kinds.  We would take them (and me) in the wagon and my broken leg around the neighborhood to sell them for whatever people would pay.  My pitch to our middle class neighbors?  "Hi, I'm Katie Walthall.  I've painted these great cards.  Would you like one? I've done something rather silly.  I've broken my leg and need to pay for my medical bills."

When I recall these two events in my life, quite vividly, I think about what that child and now adult believes to be true. 

SO, a personal shake up is good. It's creates healthy tension in the system and redefines purpose. Personally, change pushes me to think differently, solve problems with different approaches and it drives my creativity to new levels. That little girl inside is pretty damn resourceful...knows what she wants and isn't going to be afraid anymore to seek it out.
Life is too short to live in fear.

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