Globalisation is a Marathon

The world has become complicated in a short amount of time.  Social media and the advent of the information age has created an insane amount of connectivity.  Ways of working and living are changing quickly.  The implications of this opportunity means change and the speed to adapt is a determining factor between the 'relevant' and the 'dated'. 

I work for an super-major international oil and gas company.  We do some really neat things that years ago no one cared much about.  We explore, find, develop, produce and market energy (oil, gas, alternatives) worldwide.  And because the world is so connected and "always on", globalization has created a healthy race to drive innovative and competitive culture focused on meeting increased demand.

I work in Health and Safety and specifically in change and risk management.  Our job is to help operations be aware of the risks in our business so we can mitigate them and avoid issues, incidents and major disasters.  It's a lot of fun, and a challenge.  It's opened my mind to learning more and being constantly thirsty for more knowledge and understanding.

Culture and communication is key in my role.  It can be downright overwhelming.

Globalization is a Marathon....one that we all must embrace regardless of where we work and live.  I must admit PACING is a challenge.

I need a GARMIN!

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