What a difference a year makes!

I've been awful at blogging this year. I suppose it's the crazy new normal of becoming a new mom juggling an already fantastic life. I look back on this year and have very few things I would have done differently. A year ago I remember thinking the world had rocked me upside down when really it just put a lot of things in focus for me. My top 3 key reflections...

1. Be selective of how you spend your time. I've come to enjoy life by working hard. Money is less important to me than my time. In 2012 I will spend my time more purposeful and meaningful. This means taking stock of who is important why and how that's helping me lead the life I want for myself and my family.

2. Continue focusing on things that make me happy. I love to run. I'm not as fast as I used to be but I love the challenge my fitness gives me and the sense of balance it puts in my life. I ran my third marathon in NYC this year and my slowest. The key was I finished. It was the hardest run of my life that taught me why pushing through matters and that life is all mental. Physical only gets you so far.

3. I have an awesome support network. My husband is my rock and he's been an amazing partner and father to my daughter Ally. My friends are people who I enjoy spending free time with (as if there's much of that) and my mentors are people who continually open doors for me to learn and extend trust to.

So what a difference a year makes!

My resolutions:

Continue to be fit and fabulous and raise my game.
Control whats mine and let the rest go.
Be the best I can be by being selective and purposeful in what I do.

To your health and wellness!

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