Adapting to the "New New" Me

Pregnancy is now over, and Ally is almost 6 weeks old.  This week I go to the OBG for my post partum followup.  I've slimmed down 35 lbs but have some yet to go.  I'm motivated to eat well, drink water, and exercise.  I cannot complain I've had nothing but an excellent recovery -- and I expect to be released fully this week.  There's one CATCH.  My back.  It's um, a mess!

The Little Bit (LB) put lots of pressure on my sciatic nerve in the last trimester.  In fact I spent days and weeks limping along praying she'd budge and move.  She didn't and that's okay because I LOVE LOVE LOVE my baby girl, but I'm now paying dearly for it. 

Good news and bad news -- the good? My back is going to get fixed. I started rehab this week and my insurance is paying -- which is nice for a change.  And I will be on mandatory massage!  Woo hoo!   The bad?  For now I can't run or do anything that puts pressure on it.  I had registered for the Ep5k on Marathon morning and it's not looking good for a run or a jog ...  So, I've decided I'm going to walk.

With pregnancy it was adapting to the new partum, it's now about adapting to the new new me. When did I run or workout before?  When I wanted to.  Now? It all depends!  When did I have time to do things?  Anytime.  Now?  It all depends...:)  Life has certainly changed but it's an awesome ride and I'm thrilled to have new challenges to face: my back, getting back into the groove and being a mommy.  Motherhood, like running, rocks.

Here's to the NEW NEW me...let 2011 be another fulfilling rewarding year for personal growth.

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