Ally Rees - Day 2-5

Day 6

Day 5 of Ally's life and I'm emotionally tired. I'm starting to get down. Its normal they say. Breastfeeding is not the cake walk I figured it would be. Mistake #1 was not being better prepared but my awesome husband is being supportive and we're on a regime that I hope will give us a successful path forward. We met with a lactation consultant today who gave me a good way forward. Now we just have to work at it. She's worth every ounce of effort...

Day 4: Sunday was a good day: she slept well Sunday night and I had my first real bowel. I know that is just way too much information but you can't imagine how a hot bath, a bowel and a visit from a friend can make a new mommy's day.

Day 3: Went home

Day 2: Today is Friday.  We get out tomorrow.  Ally is doing great.  She is the most perfect baby a mom or dad could ask for. 

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