She's here

It was the most amazing run of my life.  9 months ago this beautiful angel was conceived.  39 weeks and 2 days later with a sciatic nerve that kept me from walking and 60lbs of added weight, Ally Rees joined the world.  We went to my 39 week appointment this Tuesday December 7.  Dr Wilson said it was time to induce. We went home, made final arrangements for Maddie and head into Woman's Hospital on Wednesday December 8.  They began the induction at 9am.  (Who knew she'd come a mere 25 hours later!) 

While Mark took care of Maddie and some final things yesterday, I laid in bed and mellowed out for several hours.  It seemed like days but nothing was as bad as the 4 weeks of bedrest prior.  I remember thinking how cool it was I'd soon be with a beautiful baby girl.  What did she look like ? Would she take after me Mark our parents? 

The hospital stay was amazing - the doctors and nurses in Labor and Delivery took excellent care of me.  It wasn't until 5pm when Dr. Wilson came to check on me.  She took note the Cervadil they gave me was not administered properly so she re-adjusted.  About 20 minutes later I began having heavy contractions.  She came back and they laid up on the Cervadil and allowed me to contract all night.  But pretty soon after I asked for the epidural.  My back pain was bad and I needed relief. 

I slept great through the night.  I woke up and at 7am they decided to break my water and begin a Pitocin drip.  It took no time; about 2.5 hours for me to be at 10cm ready to deliver.  And then, by the grace of God, and my awesome nurse, Gillian from the UKI pushed through 3 sets of contractions.  At 9:45 they called Dr. Wilson.  It was all happening so fast or so it seemed.  Soon many people filled the room...bright lights, and I was ready to go. 

Gillian said PUSH -- I pushed for a final time and then I heard a pop sound....crying and Dr. Wilson telling Mark we had a beautiful healthy baby girl with a full head of brown hair.  Within seconds she was laying on my chest.  I looked up and Mark and we both cried.

What an amazing finish line.  The best marathon so far....the new race begins we become parents and bring this wonderful bundle of joy into the world.

Ally Rees Mehnert - We love you!

7 lbs, 14 oz, 20.5 inches
December 9, 2010 - 10:04 AM
The Woman's Hospital of Texas

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