Slices of Life - Your Pie

I'm a sweet freak.  I admit sugar.  Every weekend Mark and I go to the House of Pies...but for breakfast.  I do often wonder though what their pie is like since I'm a sugar baby :)

But the pie I want to talk about today is the one that makes you a whole person in your life.  My pie is divided into 4 parts:

1.  My Marriage/Family
2.  My Faith and Values
3.  My Career
4.  My "Me" Time

Sometimes I have a bigger piece of any of the four.  Other times, I find myself with small pieces.  The "filling" for my pie -- the glue that keeps all four pieces together for me is my wellness.  This is why I run.  Running gives me a way to reflect on my four slices of life.

One of my favorite slices, admitedly is my "me" time.  This time is filled sometimes with volunteer hours, spa trips, shopping, hanging out with girlfriends or the like. 

What's your life pie?  How do you slice it up?

Better yet, what's the filling that keeps you together?

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