Pregnancy is beautiful

I have been really dreading for weeks to have to find pregnancy clothes. Until today. I went to a few places and found a lot of beautiful clothes. I also realized how much fun it was to try on clothes and feel a deep sense of connection to this little thing I don't know anything about. Her name is Baby Mehnert and she makes her grand entrance into this world on or around December 14. As I've been sitting here for weeks worried about becoming heavier it hit me like a rock! This baby is a gift from God. I am a gift. We are all god's gifts. And I have faith in her and in myself that no matter what I've really made significant progress in my life.

No matter what happens I am successful and happy. My happiness is about the journey I've taken in this life and the many walks jogs half marathons and marathons I've completed and races ahead of me. Nothing cam stop the human spirit and inner confidence that radiates this beautiful pregnant body!

I have always and will always be beautiful. Pregnancy has just added a new layer of beauty I didn't understand until now.

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