The greatest marathon: Pregnancy

So it's been a while since I've posted.  Admittedly I've been worn out.  I found out after starting my new job in May that Mark, Maddie and I are expecting our first child in December.  WOW, what amazing news.  I'm now 12 weeks and headed into Trimester 2 feeling awesome.  My training for Berlin in September is now on hold but I can continue to stay fit and healthy! 

I went to my third ultrasound and set of tests today -- including Trimester 1 screen and a new Jack and Jill test which allows you to test for the sex of the child.  I'm pulling for a girl and Mark is pulling for a boy but we both agree a healthy baby is what we want!  Whatever we're having is ONE ACTIVE kiddo.  She/he was moving a ton and the heart pumping at 162.  That's right -- a marathoner in the making :)

I've managed to keep my activity level up despite my extreme 1st trimester fatigue.  Luckily I wasn't one of those women who had extreme morning sickness.  I got off pretty lucky: constipation, fatigue and the occassional mood swing!

I work out 3 times a week with my trainer, Tony who supervises and makes sure I'm not going the extra mile.  We all know how I love to push it!  Then on Saturdays I run 6 miles at conversation pace which lately has put me in the 9-10 min mile range which is bizarre because I feel like I have more strength now than ever.  Hormones I guess?

So my marathon to becoming a mom begins.  The big race day finish is predicted to be somewhere around December 14 and everyone is thrilled for us -- we are so lucky to have such great friends and family to cheer us on!  This pregnancy will come with some struggle -- for years I lived an unhealthy lifestyle.  I am determined to make sure this little one is healthy and that I'm healthy.  Today I decided my goal is to continue the life I chose 5 years ago.... my end goal in 2011 is simple:  walk the Houston half marathon in January 6 weeks after I deliver (if all goes to plan) and run New York in November.  

So the journey in life continues ... this wonderful marathon that will bring a new finish line...a  major accomplishment.  I have no idea what I'm doing -- it's the race you just take mile by mile.  I am open, listening learning and loving more as I go.

I feel so blessed to be here.  It's the coolest run of my life....and I plan to enjoy every second!

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