Keeping your word

At lunch today I didn't have change to leave a tip to the valet guy. I didn't feel good not giving him something: afterall he did take care of my car and did it with a smile. I told the young kid to wait. I went to the bank to get some money. 10 mins later I turned up to give him his tip. He looked surprised.

What a world we live in where people cannot trust others on their words. He was very grateful I did the right thing and honored my word.

How many times a day do you think people break promises? Our divorce rate is sky high and trust and real relationships are hard to find.

Everyone walks around thinking that everyone else has an agenda. Coming from a genuine place doesn't always make sense to people (or isn't always visible) because our society and media have trained us to trust less and take more for ourselves.

Imagine a world where many choose trust over doubt...where people DID what they said they were going to do. Ah, you think I'm naieve for saying such? No...I'm real. I understand the world is full of distrust but I'm hopeful when faced with the chioce to trust or will do what's best for you.

And if you ever make a commmittment you will keep your word!

To your success...

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