Stretching ... and Flexing

So tomorrow marks the 2 anniversary of my first half marathon.  With 2 of my good friends, Kelly and Amanda and a host of other runners and friends in New Orleans, I will run the half marathon.  A lot has happened in two years: runs, races, marathons, marriage, job changes, new friends, deaths, new beginnings, personal bests, personal worsts.  It's amazing how life comes full circle.

But one thing has profoundly changed:  growth, the ability to stretch and flex. 

Tomorrow I won't run my best time (I'm not trained well), but I pushed myself to show up to support Kelly and Amanda in their first.  But more importantly I'm pushing myself --  This run is about me getting back in the saddle.  After Chicago and numerous personal and professional experiences in the past 6 months, I've found myself in a state of blah with my running and routine.  The half marathon tomorrow is my committment to the next chapter of my personal wellness...whether it be lifting weights in the gym, training for another full or perhaps a triathlon.

My dad's best friend, Jim died Thursday night.  It came as a real shock to finding out this news this morning from my dad who held his head high when he told me.  Jim was retired from Exxon Mobil -- the EVP of Health and Safety. -- had an amazing career, kids, and just got back from Dallas after seeing his grandchild come into the world.  He died peacefully just as he fell asleep. He lived a full life but died way too young: 62!  Jim liked to live.  I also run tomorrow to celebrate his life, the advice he's given me and the endless friendship he's given my dad during the years. 

Time to stretch and flex.  See you at the finish line.

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