Letting GO

Have you ever found it hard to let someone or something go? If you said YES then good don't fear: you are normal human and in fact full of emotional intelligence that many don't yet have. I say that because everyone has to experience loss or moving on in their lifetime. Some get it quicker than others.

But maybe you know someone who needs to let something or someone go. What can you do? Nothing. You don't control them but as a friend or colleague or family member you may be able to influence by being an example. How you ask?
I have a colleague and friend whom I respect a great deal. Frank (*name changed) is a very smart guy. Brillant actually. He's senior to me and has loads of fantastic experience. With the recent economic downturn many people are having to post for jobs. He's mentioned to me in some form or fashion how insecure he is about this position. what he doesn't realize is that he's so bright that he could easily transfer his skills into another area or perhaps even outside his company. But FEAR holds him back.

Frank is your typical manager who thinks he has to push or keep people beneath him in order to stay employed. What he doesn't understand is that bringing others up makes you a better leader and more marketable for greater things.
The 'givers gain' principle.

I understand it is about looking after yourself but sometimes letting GO is the best thing. Frank will learn one day either by choice or will be forced to see it.

The point I'm trying to make? Letting go isn't easy but its about growing. What do you need to let go? Are there others you respect that need a leader to provide them an example?

To your success

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