Have you ever wondered what drives people?  Money, power, learning ???   For me it's about meaning and learning.

There's got to be a desired state else it makes very little sense to me.  I think our ability to understand meaning, you have to understand yourself and be prepared to be real with who you are.

At work we call this "A to B " -- wen I was studying we called this  "As is "  To be"

This week I had a child-like moment.  I could feel some stress coming on.  Knowing that, I decided to take rest and take stock of what was bothering me.  It didn't take very long and I course corrected.    Having an understanding of my meaning helps me ground and stay balanced.  It provides clarity.

We live in a world where clarity, focus and meaning are challenging to achieve.  With things constantly moving and changing, it's sometimes hard to keep up or keep current.    Make things meaningful, focused and most importantly, trasparent and life becomes much easier!

To your success. 

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